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Have you Checked your Brakes Recently?


Regular Brake inspections should be part of your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance, to ensure safety and reliability.  Don’t take chances with your brakes.  Have one of our skilled technicians take a look at your vehicle’s braking system today.

Warranty Approved Oil Changes


 An oil change is one of the few maintenance items that automobile manufacturers have not found a way to eliminate. Regular oil changes are the best way to ensure longer engine life.  How often do you really need to change the oil in your car?  It really depends on how you drive.   Want to know more?

Regular Maintenance


We perform tune-ups, vehicle inspections, and car repair services, using top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment, advanced inspection processes, high-quality products such as Liqui Moly™ Oils and quality parts to ensure the best possible maintenance of your vehicle.

Our Services

Leah’s Automotive specializes in the meticulous servicing of European luxury vehicles. With over a decade of dedicated experience, Leah Gillanders is a certified BMW technician, bringing a wealth of expertise to her work. Leah’s puts a lot of time and training into the technicians and apprentices on the team. We are continuously educating our team with courses and upgrading equipment  to ensure we stay on top. 

 Setting ourselves apart from other non-dealer shops, we’ve made significant investments in specialized tools and programming equipment. Our commitment is to enhance your understanding of the services performed on your vehicle and tailor maintenance programs to your individual needs, priorities, and budget. 

 The quality of our workmanship is annually verified and endorsed by CVSE inspectors, solidifying our status as a government-approved inspection facility.

At Leah’s, we take pride in utilizing high-quality parts and products, this is never compromised. By using only, the best we can back up almost everything with a two-year parts and labour warranty. 

Being our name is on the line we have teamed up with our favorite shop supplies and oils. Our selection includes Liqui Moly lubricants and additives, along with BG flushing equipment, ensuring your vehicle receives top-notch care and attention.

Air Conditioning Service

At our facility, we boast state-of-the-art A/C machines to ensure your air conditioning system operates at its best. Whether you need a minor recharge in the spring or a complete A/C compressor replacement, we have the tools and expertise to keep you cool and comfortable.

Brake Service and Replacement

The brakes constitute the most crucial safety system in your vehicle. With braking systems evolving to greater sophistication, it is imperative to entrust their service to experts well-versed in the latest brake innovations.

Leah’s Automotive boasts skilled technicians specifically trained to diagnose and repair today’s intricate braking systems. Our facility is fully equipped to handle electronic brake calipers and facilitate precise pad replacement. Moreover, at Leah’s, we exclusively utilize brake pads and rotors backed by a warranty.

Don’t leave your safety to chance when it comes to your brakes. Make routine brake inspections a vital component of your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance to ensure both safety and reliability. We will meticulously assess your brakes, discuss the necessary work with you, and furnish a written estimate before commencing any services.

Cooling System


We provide comprehensive cooling system repairs, ranging from minor flushes to addressing cylinder head gaskets. Our services exclusively employ warranty-approved coolant paired with distilled water. Leah’s Automotive is proud to offer BG cooling system flushes and Liqui Moly Radiator cleaners as part of our product line up.

Key Cooling System Components:


The radiator plays a critical role in heat dissipation. Fins surrounding the radiator facilitate the cooling process as air passes over them. Over time, radiator cores may become clogged, necessitating flushing or replacement.

Radiator Hoses
Responsible for transferring coolant from the radiator to the engine block, radiator hoses are designed to withstand extreme heat and pressure. Regular replacement, as per your vehicle maintenance guide, is essential.

The radiator thermostat regulates the coolant directed to the engine for effective heat management during operation. A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to engine overheating, potentially causing severe damage. Watch for signs such as extremely high or low temperature readings. Always allow your engine to cool down before inspecting the radiator, ensuring the radiator cap is cool to the touch before opening.

Water Pump
The water pump, driven by a belt connected to the engine’s crankshaft, functions as a centrifugal pump. It circulates fluid whenever the engine is running. The fluid travels through the engine block, cylinder head, radiator, and back to the pump. The water pump utilizes centrifugal force to draw fluid from the center continuously, with the inlet strategically placed near the center for efficient fluid return from the radiator.

Designated Government Inspection Facility
Leah’s is an authorized inspection facility equipped with licensed technicians capable of conducting pre-purchase, out-of-province, and government CVI (Commercial Vehicle Inspection) inspections. Our expert team ensures a thorough examination of the vehicle’s condition, offering a comprehensive report. Additionally, we take care of the paperwork, meticulously filling out and submitting the required documents on your behalf. Count on Leah’s for a reliable and efficient inspection process.
Diagnostics and Repairs

Modern vehicles are equipped with a multitude of onboard computers, quietly orchestrating thousands of adjustments per second to ensure a seamless driving experience.

At Leah’s, our seasoned technicians utilize cutting-edge scanning and testing equipment to delve into the intricacies of your vehicle’s systems. This advanced technology enables us to uncover hidden codes that might go unnoticed by other scanners. Through the use of graphs and energy diagnoses, we achieve a precise understanding of your car’s unique issues.

Should your vehicle’s check engine light illuminate, our diagnostics not only reveal the cause but also empower us to address and resolve the problem swiftly, getting you back on the road with confidence. Trust Leah’s for comprehensive diagnostics and efficient repairs to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Major Engine Repairs
Leah’s Automotive specializes in major engine repairs for all makes and models. Our expert services encompass a range of critical components, including head gaskets, valve adjustments, and bottom-end work such as engine main bearings and piston rings. With a commitment to excellence, we ensure thorough and skillful attention to your engine, providing comprehensive repairs to keep your vehicle performing at its best.


Oil and Filter Change
The oil and filter change is a crucial aspect of car maintenance, and at Leah’s Automotive, we recognize its significance. We stock a variety of engine oils with different viscosities, adhering strictly to the recommended fluids for your specific vehicle. Our oil and filter changes are warranty approved, and many of the oils we use surpass manufacturer specifications. As a testament to our commitment to quality, Leah’s is proud to be among the select suppliers of Liqui Moly Oils and additives. When it comes to your vehicle’s longevity, we always prioritize the use of the finest products for optimal performance and care.
Pre-purchase Inspections

Before you make the leap to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, bring it to us first for a thorough evaluation. Our comprehensive checklist covers a meticulous inspection of the vehicle’s top, bottom, interior, and exterior. Investing in our pre-purchase inspection may prove to be the wisest money you ever spend, providing you with valuable insights into the condition of the vehicle and ensuring a confident decision-making process.

Timing Belts

The timing belt in your car plays a crucial role in synchronizing the engine’s crankshaft and camshaft. Regularly adhering to manufacturer-recommended servicing is essential for maintaining a robust engine. At Leah’s, we strongly recommend staying current with these services as a proactive measure to prevent potential engine damage.


Ladies Only Automotive Classes

Leah offers exclusive classes for women, providing an opportunity to step into the shop and gain insights into the world of vehicles. These sessions cover the fundamentals of how a vehicle operates, maintenance essentials, and include hands-on learning experiences. For more information or to stay updated on upcoming classes, feel free to send us an email and follow us on social media.


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